About us

So, who are we? Well, you've come to the right place. We are furries, anthros, anthropomorphics, scalies, fuzzies.. you name it, we all fall into the furry fandom. If you don't know about the furry fandom yet and are just learning about this, we would recommend some great reading from our wonderful internet friends over at Wikipedia about the Furry Fandom. We are fun loving folks who enjoy associating with various aspects of the furry community, whether it's all out, full blown fursuiting (that's dressing up in an animal costume, for you folks who like plain english) and running around parks, streets, bowling alleys- anywhere to have fun and put smiles on peoples faces, or a creative outlet, be it drawing furry artwork or fursuit and costume making and design, musicians, or just simply enjoy being a fan of any (or all!) of those!



We've gotten a bit of local press, a few members of the community were featured in an article in the Weekly News in Halifax in late 2010! Be sure to check out the article here!



Curious to know anything more? Media Enquiries? Please contact nsanthro@chebucto.ca or nsfurs@gmail.com